Produced in the heart of Ottawa County, Kansas, Prairie Natural Beef provides a nutritious, wholesome alternative to conventionally raised beef. If you care about food safety, a healthier diet and good old-fashioned flavor, we think you’ll be delighted with Prairie Natural Beef. To place an order or for more information:  Call us at 785.392.3243 or contact us via email.


Our animals receive no synthetic hormones or antibiotics at any point in their lives.

To our knowledge, no other meat market or grocery store in this area can make this claim.

Because we care about your family and their health, our animals never receive any feed containing animal byproducts, which can cause mad-cow disease.

We never sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.


Our animals never go to a feedlot.

We supplement their diet of native grasses with natural rolled milo for several months — but only until they are mature, not fat.


Our animals are never confined. They spend 365 days a year out on the prairie.

We allow generous amounts of acreage for each animal to preserve the prairie for future generations.


Prairie Natural Beef is processed at a local, family-owned locker plant monitored by a state-certified meat inspector.

Before cutting and packaging, the beef is dry-aged for 10 to 14 days for optimum tenderness and flavor.


Compare the flavor of Prairie Natural Beef to any other beef on the market. Once you taste it, you won’t want any other kind.

Our cattle eat a varied diet of prairie grasses, alfalfa hay and rolled milo. This regimen, plus careful dry-aging by our processor, yields tender, flavorful beef.


Prairie Natural Beef offers you the option of purchasing either in bulk or at retail, depending on your needs.

For the best bargain, order a side or split-side of beef, which will be custom-cut to your specifications, and should last you from several months to a year.

However, if you have a smaller household or less freezer space, we’ll be happy to fill a smaller order for you.