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    Because we care about your family and their health, our animals receive no synthetic hormones or antibiotics at any point in their lives.

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    Compare the flavor of Prairie Natural Beef to any other beef on the market. Our cattle eat a varied diet of prairie grasses, alfalfa hay and rolled milo.

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    Our animals are never confined. They spend 365 days a year out on the prairie. We allow generous amounts of acreage for each animal to preserve the prairie for future generations.

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    Our animals never go to a feedlot. We supplement their diet of native grasses with local-grown sorghum for several weeks — but only until they are mature, not fat.

Straight from the heart of Ottawa County, Kansas, Prairie Natural Beef provides a nutritious, wholesome alternative to conventionally raised beef. If you care about food safety, a healthier diet and good old-fashioned flavor, we think you'll find what you're looking for with Prairie Natural Beef.
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